Alberta Sandbags is pleased to offer 24/7 Emergency service.

If you have an emergency situation after hours, Please call 1-403-888-4439 or email and provide us with as much information as possible.

What does Alberta Sandbags have to offer?

  • Two Alberta locations producing filled sandbags, spill containment, and other berm building materials.
  • Thousands of filled sandbags, on hand and ready-to-go sandbags.
  • Thousands of empty sandbags, on hand and ready-to-go.
  • Three mobile bagging systems to be used in emergency areas or in remote locations to fill sandbags on-site.
  • Bulk bags and bulk bag filling systems used to build temporary berms, levies, and dam systems to divert or hold back waters.
  • Wooden (8’x14’) access mats, (4’x8’) composite mats, (8’x10’) and (8’x25’) steel road plates for building emergency access roads and emergency staging areas.
  • Temporary construction fencing to secure the impacted area.
  • Signage and barricades for traffic diversion and control.
  • Portable toilets to be situated at emergency areas.
  • Waste disposal bags with a weight capacity of 1.5 tons, available in 1.5 yard, 3 yard, and 4.5 yard sizes.
  • Fleet of portable seacans (storage containers) used to store emergency equipment and materials.
  • Class 2, 3, and 4 limestone boulders for water or traffic diversion.
  • Multiple sized water tanks to store clean water.
  • Submersible and non-submersible water pumps with hose.
  • Portable hydraulic power packs and portable generators.
  • Skid steer attachments for building water diversion berms and speciality clean up buckets.